7 Facepalm Fails from Don’t Tell the Bride
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1. Your man will always think his stupid boyish notions are the best idea ever.

Your instincts say, that as much as he loves you, his ‘inner lad’ is going to come to the fore. Your friends reassure you… but alas, you are right! Say goodbye to that classic wedding set in beautiful grounds… he’s going to drive 100 miles to recreate a lad’s day out for your ceremony instead! Before you know it, this dream wedding will be crashing down around you – literally!


2. Your man might have plans for a grand production! 


A theatrical wedding theme and a mystery golden ticket, just what does the groom actually have in store for his bride! Prepare for clashing colours, wonky lines and badly glued and completely irrelevant decoration.


3. Your man’s decisions can, and almost certainly will, upset you and every single person you know!

He’s never been a good timekeeper and, as much as you complain, it’s always kinda been part of his boyish charm. That is, until, he books the hen do without telling a single soul until three hours before – including you! Cue unplanned rebellion of the entire wedding party. Awkward!!!


4. Your man’s over ambitious ideas might just push you ‘slightly’ over budget.

Over ambition and a very dodgy vision – is the downfall of many a groom.  Outdoor wedding in July? Too easy! I demand the coldest, winter fairytale theme in the height of summer – no matter what the cost. Prepare for a frosty reception at this wedding!


5. Your man will approach your wedding dress choice with the same attitude as picking out a new shower curtain.

Walking down the aisle in your dream wedding dress on your big day is something every girl dreams of. Your dress has to be pristine, fit for a princess and perfectly designed just for you. So what happens if your fella decides to unleash his inner Gok with a pair of scissors and a gleeful expression of a toddler at play?!


6. Your man will make you the centre of attention…but not in the way you’d like!

You’ve heard the horror stories of grooms getting carried away and planning an entirely selfish wedding, but not your guy, no! He knows that one thing you hate, and he’d never, ever subject you to it  – especially on your wedding day… Surely?!
Then again he might just make you the useless prop in the very middle of your own living nightmare! Happy Wedding!


7. Your man will always blow the budget on total non-essentials.

Planning and executing a wedding with a £12K budget? A challenge for you, even when you’ve been planning this day since before you could spell “wedding”. For your man? It’s a mammoth challenge!

He may, for example, be taken by a need to prove his manliness and spend a fifth of the budget on a tinfoil steam punk Serengeti mammal! They say an elephant never forgets….and neither does a bride!